In the United States have declared the inadmissibility of Russian interference in the Affairs of Venezuela

В США заявили о недопустимости вмешательства России в дела Венесуэлы

The United States believes it is alarming and unacceptable Russian interference in the situation in Venezuela, as well as providing a support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

In a statement on the White house website, the statement noted that President Donald trump made it clear to Russia that it should leave interference in the Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of and should refuse to support the regime of Maduro.

The white house also once again criticized Cuba for helping Venezuela.

In particular, the trump adviser for national security John Bolton stated that “Venezuela has signaled that it is tired of the Maduro regime and are ready to get rid of it”, and expressed support for opposition leader Juan Guido.

President Guido boldly lead the Venezuelan people on the streets, and Maduro is hiding somewhere in a military bunker, surrounded by Cuban guards and corrupt friends. Guide, shows the courage of a leader; Maduro is none other than a cowardly autocrat,

– wrote Bolton in his Twitter.

What’s happening in Venezuela?

In the night from 29 to 30 April local time, the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido called on the army to support him and to put an end to the usurpation of power by Nicolas Maduro. He announced the final phase of the operation “Freedom”, after which nationwide protests erupted.

The police used tear gas and military vehicles against demonstrators in the capital.

Why Venezuela does not stop the protests?Briefly, the opposition led by Juan Guido and her supporters want to overthrow the dictator Maduro. Your last post doesn’t want to leave.

The volume – mass protests against the policies of Nicolas Maduro began at the end of January 2019. Thousands of people took to the streets of Venezuelan cities, demanding his resignation. In six years as President, Nicolas Maduro, has led the country into a deep crisis. By 2018 inflation in Venezuela exceeded one million percent. Venezuelans are suffering from a lack of basic things – food, medicines, means of hygiene. In search of a better life over the past five years has left more than three million people.

Leads the opposition leader of the Parliament Joan Guido. The Venezuelan national Assembly proclaimed him provisional President. This step was recognized by more than 50 countries, including USA, Canada, Australia, most of Europe, including Ukraine and some countries in Latin America.

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