In the United States have discovered a rare and unique car brand Packard

В США обнаружили редкий и уникальный автомобиль марки Packard

In the United States was discovered rare and unique car brand Packard.

The vehicle was found in the warehouse of an abandoned factory, located in the territory of Philadelphia. Car stood for over 40 years. The car mileage is 16 thousand kilometers. The vehicle was released in 1927.

The machine is in an acceptable condition but to make it impossible. According to preliminary information, the car belonged to the owner of an abandoned factory. Also there is information about what the machine was operated for 10 years, and then broke and were not repaired. What was the failure in this case is not specified.

The vehicle has kept the original elements of interior decor, including blinds, outdoor heater, metal stand, feet and a wooden steering wheel.

On the value of the car at the present time there is absolutely no information. As yet there is no information about the intentions of the current owner of the vehicle.