In the United States have experienced a giant plane to launch rockets

В США испытали гигантский самолет для запуска космических ракет

The test aircraft Stratolaunch is successful

Giant douzelage aircraft for the space launch company Stratolaunch Stratolaunch Systems on Saturday, April 13, made its first test flight. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to The Verge.

Reportedly, Stratolaunch has successfully made its first flight. The plane took off from the airfield in the Mojave desert in California. Test flight of the Stratolaunch passed South of Los Angeles.

Noted, the Stratolaunch plane is the largest in the world. The wingspan of the giant reaches 117 m, length 53 m and a height of 15 m. It is equipped with six turbojet engines Pratt & Whitney, and 28 wheels. The Central part of the plane is designed for mounting rockets.

In addition, the maximum weight at which the aircraft can be up in the air is about 590 tons.

The world’s largest airplane takes flight! @Stratolaunch @NASASpaceflight stratolaunch