In the United States have legalized the production of fertilizer from human remains

В США узаконили производство удобрения из человеческих останков

Land would give the relatives of the deceased for gardening.

Washington was the first who legitimized the composting of human remains. We are talking about technology that will speed up the decomposition process and turn the body of the deceased in nutrient-rich soil, informs Bi-bi-si. This land can return to relatives of the deceased who will have the opportunity to use it for growing vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Composting is seen as an alternative to cremation and traditional burial. Legislators believe that this is the perfect solution to save the territory, instead of to take its cemeteries. On 21 may, the Governor of the state Jay Margie reiger signed all the necessary documents.

However, the law was adopted amid strong lobby. This decision agitated the entrepreneur Katrina spade, establishing a company that will provide such services.

According to spade, the body of the deceased will be placed for a month in a container with alfalfa, shredded wood and straw, where it will decompose naturally. Proponents of the law claim that it is much more environmentally friendly than cremation, which releases carbon dioxide.

It should be noted that alternative methods of disposal are gaining in world popularity with each passing day. For example, the recent news that the star of the TV series “Beverly hills 90210” was buried in “the costume of mushrooms”, made a splash. They say that with the help of this technique, you can minimize the emissions of lead and mercury emitted during cremation.

To date, the composting of human remains have already legalize in Sweden. Britain, for example, legalized so-called natural burial, when the dead body is either buried in a coffin, which decomposes rapidly, or do without it.