In the United States may be a new the state of Washington

В США может появиться новый штат - Вашингтон

The house of representatives (the lower chamber of the American Parliament – Congress) on Friday, June 26, supported a bill to provide the U.S. capital of Washington the status of a separate state. For the decision voted 232 to Congressman and Congressman, vs – 180, reports CNN.

The bill is supported primarily by Democrats (except one) voted against the Republican party.

Under the bill, the territory of the city of Washington is restricted to a small area of Federal buildings (in particular the White house, the Supreme court, the Congress building and the like). The rest of the city gets the status of the individual, the fifty-first American state.

The author of the bill, the representative of the Democratic party Eleanor Holmes Norton argues that the formation of separate state has a political and demographic justification.

To purchase the bill unenforceable for him to vote in the Senate, and then it must be signed by the President.

Note that in the USA already have a state of Washington, it is located on the West coast, while the capital of the United States (the official name of Washington, District of Columbia) on the East. Now the city is not part of any state.

В США может появиться новый штат - Вашингтон