In the United States on the basis of the Chevrolet Colorado pickup built off-road monster (VIDEO)

В США на базе пикапа Chevrolet Colorado построили внедорожный монстр (ВИДЕО)

The truck received a special suspension, one advantage of which is a pivoting rear wheel.

This vehicle was created in the workshop of the Fab Fours located in Lancaster (South Carolina, USA). The car was once conventional pickup Chevrolet Colorado 2015 release. Now it is known as Kymera.

A pickup truck is no longer loading platform as there now is the engine. The strengthened body frame and the truck now carries only people, but willing to deliver them anywhere.

The engine mounted behind the cabin, not quite normal. This 5.9-liter Cummins diesel engine from the Ram pickup, with dual turbo 650 horsepower. You don’t want to go for this Rover, because each disperse of his exhaust pipe emitted clouds of soot, as if from the chimney of the locomotive.

But to go beyond the Chimera will not work for another reason – it was designed to be the best all-terrain vehicle. Her collected from several SUVs. The machine is equipped with massive war-axes and high profile tyres, so can drive almost everywhere.

There are rear steering, which makes the Chimera is surprisingly maneuverable. But even if the monster will be stuck it has a winch to pull yourself anywhere.