In the United States said that Russia is waging a misinformation campaign on the coronavirus

В Штатах заявили, что Россия ведет кампанию по дезинформации о коронавирусе

Russia is waging a misinformation campaign on the coronavirus using thousands of fake accounts in social networks.

“Thousands of accounts in social networks associated with Russia, launched a coordinated effort to sow anxiety because of the coronavirus, undermining global efforts to fight the epidemic,” said assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia Philip Reeker.

As stated by the officials of the state Department tasked with combating Russian designerally, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram bots are used to promote themes running Russia, in several languages.

“Russia’s intention is to sow discord and undermine the institutions from within the United States, including by covert campaigns to provide a harmful influence. Spreading misinformation about the coronavirus, Russia is trying to threaten public safety, detracting from the global response in the healthcare sector,” said Riker.

According to sources, the Russian campaign of misinformation “is promoting unfounded conspiracy theory that the US is behind the outbreak COVID-19, in a clear attempt to damage the US image in the world.”

U.S. officials, including the co-founder of Microsoft with bill gates, potracheno billions of dollars to global health programs, was also accused of involvement in the creation and spread of the virus.

In particular, the statements that circulate in social networks, contain the assertion that the virus – “the attempt of the USA to conduct economic warfare with China,” “biological weapons developed by the CIA” or “the part taken by the West efforts to spread anti-Chinese rhetoric.”

Campaign of disinformation the Russian Federation drew attention in mid-January after China announced a third death from new coronavirus.