In the United States stated that the costs for the purchase of F-35 will exceed $406 billion

В США заявили, что расходы на закупку истребителей F-35 превысят $406 млрд

The program of creation of the fighter-bombers F-35 is the most expensive in history: the cost of acquiring aircraft, expected to exceed $406 billion, and the costs of keeping them for 60 years of operation will exceed $1 trillion. This was stated on Wednesday at hearings in the U.S. Congress on the implementation of this programme, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on readiness house Committee on armed services, Congressman John Garamendi (Democrat, California), Trend reports.

“After almost two decades of development this program is entering a period when the aircraft is tested in a real situation, he said. The aircraft participated in combat missions. Air force, Navy, and marine Corps of the United States and our international partners received more than 450 aircraft. By 2023, the number of these aircraft in the world will exceed 1100, they will be deployed in 43 points”.

In this regard, the Congressman stressed that the issues of the security of aircraft spare parts and maintenance is of particular importance. Due to logistical issues, he said, only about half of the total number of planes could fly in 2017 and 2018. In turn, Congressman Donald NORCROSS (d-NJ) said that is now produced by the modification of the aircraft – 3F- “only partially combat-ready” due to problems with the software of stealth.