In the United States want to complicate the procedure for obtaining “green cards”

У США хочуть ускладнити процедуру отримання "грін-карт"

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump has proposed to tighten the requirements for immigrants to refuse to issue green cards to those who receive certain benefits.

It is reported Politico, citing a document of the Department of homeland security, reports Public.

Thus, immigrants may refuse to issue visas or residence permit in case these people use the help of the state, or, in the opinion of the US government may do in the future.

Under state aid refers to food stamps, subsidies for medicines under the program of health services Medicaid and Medicare Part D and temporary assistance for poor families.

The publication notes that such a move could cause millions of low-income families to choose between public assistance and permanent residence in the United States. Opponents of the initiative fear that, ultimately, such restrictions would leave children without food and access to medicine.

The proposal to restrict the issuing of green cards statesa even those who are already legally in the U.S., for example, for a visa.

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