In the United States will judge Russian hacker

В США будут судить российского хакера

The trial of Russian citizen Evgeny Nikulin, whom the US accused of hacking attacks that led to one of the largest ever data breaches, will begin in the court in San Francisco on June 11, writes Radio Liberty.

The decision was taken by judge William Alsup. He also assessed the data to a psychiatric examination, decided that the mental state of the Russian allows him to participate in the process.

Nikulin was arrested in the Czech capital Prague in October 2016 at the request of the United States and was extradited to this country in March last year. Czech authorities granted the request for his extradition to the United States, but not in Russia.

He stopped denying his guilt to the charges against him in the breaking LinkedIn social network and sharing services DropBox and stealing personal data of millions of users.

In the US – hacking into the servers of several companies, including LinkedIn and Dropbox file sharing. Then there was the stolen user data. He is charged with 9 cases of cybercrime committed in 2012-13. If the court finds parents guilty, he could spend in prison to 30 years and be fined over $ 1 million dollars. In Russia the Nikulin charged with much more modest – in the theft of $3450 through the WebMoney website.

The name of Nikulina still not directly associated with the scandal around the actions of alleged Russian cyber criminals hacked e-mail of the National Committee of the democratic party. Then the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton accused the Kremlin that he is using hacking helps Donald Trump. After winning the last presidential elections the “Russian hackers” have become one of the important components in the history of the allegations of the environment trump illicit relations with Russia.