In the UOC announced the seizure of the Church in Ivano-Frankivsk region. “Pressing” it helped officials

In Pokhivka village, Ivano-Frankivsk seized Annunciation Church. Reporters found that “Phrase”, reported in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

It is noted that unknown persons “broke into the premises of a night, break the locks”.

According to the report, 13 January, “held a village meeting where the village head Mykola Ostapchuk and the Chairman of the meeting Miroslav Annuk declared the event a meeting of the Church community of the UOC and proposed to consider the issue of transition in ptsu”. While the head of the religious community to the rector of the Annunciation Church Archpriest Vladimir SHUVAR said nothing.

It is reported that the priest and believers of the UOC tried to explain that there is a violation of the Church Charter. According to them, the congregation of the religious community gathers and conducts the Chairman of the parish Council, but they were forced to leave.

According to the report, “the remaining, most of which had no relation to the Annunciation religious community of the UOC, voted for its transition to the DNC”.

Also on 14 January, supporters of the transition to the DNC tried to get to the temple, but ran into resistance parishioners, and premises sealed by the police, but the night of January 17, “the dissenters with the support of the local authorities broke the door, entered the temple and changed the locks”, and on 18 January, the representatives of the PCU has committed in the Annunciation Church the first prayer.