In the Urals found the largest emerald is 30 years old

На Урале нашли крупнейший изумруд за 30 лет

The value of the gem together with the previously mined loose gemstones will be approximately $500 thousand.

In the Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation, miners produced at the Malyshev field emerald weighing 1.6 kg. this was reported on the website of the Mariinsky mine on Tuesday, may 28.

It is reported that employees of mine found an emerald mine at a depth of 260 meters. Color experts attributed the mineral to the second category – the “green” variety – the third in connection with the presence of natural fractures.The team of workers who found a unique stone, will be drawn a prize.

The value of the gem together with the previously mined at the mine loose gemstones will amount to 32 million rubles (about $500 thousand – ed.).

It is known that the discovery has interested buyers.

“The emerald was found in may. About the cost of the emerald can not speak – it has already bought, along with a scattering of”, – noted in a press-service of mine.

It is unknown who the buyer is, but it is not the Russian Gokhran, which has a priority right to buy the stones and nuggets from mining companies.

Every year the Mariinsky mine recycles 94 thousand tons of ore, and produces 150 kg of emeralds, 15 kg of alexandrite, more than 5 tons of beryls.