In the US, a shark attacked a schoolgirl at a birthday party

В США акула атаковала школьницу на дне рождения

The celebration of the tenth birthday of the inhabitant of the us state of Florida on the ocean almost ended in tragedy. Reported by 9news.

The incident occurred when Peyton shields in the company of family and friends celebrating at the beach. The shark attacked the girl who walked into the water waist-deep.

The father, who was at this moment on the beach, thought at first that the child was stung by a jellyfish, but then noticed red-colored water around his daughter. After a couple of minutes the girl managed to get out of the water.

Her left arm and leg were covered in blood. It turned out that Peyton was attacked by a shark that swam too close to shore.

First, the animal grabbed the child’s legs. The girl tried to keep her arm in a shark bit off her brush.

Parents reacted quickly, pulled the harness up to the ambulance to stop the bleeding. Then the girl was taken to the hospital, where they stitched and made dressings.

The next day, doctors found the condition of the school is satisfactory and were discharged home.