In the US men with machetes staged a mass slaughter along the way robbing a number of institutions

В США мужчина с мачете устроил массовую резню, попутно ограбив ряд заведений

A terrible incident occurred in garden grove (southern California, USA). There’s a man staged a mass massacre, armed with a knife and a machete. Reported by ABC News.

So, initially, the attacker robbed the local bakery, and half an hour later the police found the bodies of men in a residential complex nearby. One of them died on the spot, and the second died in the hospital.

A little later, the offender robbed the organization, which is engaged in cashable checks, and then attacked the employee of the insurance company. Her life already threatens nothing, she was hospitalized.

However, the assailant did not stop there. He quarreled with the employee filling in the result hit him several times with a machete and a knife, almost depriving the victim of the nose.

After that, the man robbed another store, was stabbed by an armed guard and take his gun. The investigation revealed that the intruder robbed and even the Metro store, killing his co-worker.

Currently, the police have a suspect in custody. It clarifies that he was not personally acquainted with any of the victims, and lived in the complex where they found the bodies of two of the first victims.

GGPD working multiple scenes with several homicides. Multiple stabbings and robberies by suspect. Suspect in custody by GGPD at Harbor and First in Santa Ana. PIO at Puryear and Chapman in GG. GGPD32 homicide – Garden Grove Police (@GardenGrovePD) 8 Aug 2019