In the US, police shot and killed one of the participants in the collision

В США полиция застрелила одного из участников столкновения

The incident occurred around midnight during curfew hours.

In Louisville, Kentucky in the US, police shot and killed a protester during a demonstration.

It happened on the night of June 1 when the man protested because of the murder of an African American George Floyd, told the British newspaper the Independent.

Local police and soldiers of the National guard tried to disperse a crowd of protesters during a curfew when you are not allowed to leave the house. Unknown from the crowd shot at police and soldiers. In response the police opened fire and hit one of the protesters.

During the riots killed at least one person. Now the police questioned several witnesses. The reasons and circumstances of incident are investigated.

Four police officers have been fired. The main suspect was charged with negligent homicide. Even in relation to other ongoing investigations.

Witnesses filmed the arrest on video, which spread around the country and caused a wave of indignation.

Mass protests spread to dozens of States, accompanied by riots and clashes with police. Against the protesters used tear gas and rubber bullets. In some places the demonstrators set fire to cars, robbing shops and offices. Know about the victims on both sides.

Many States imposed a curfew. To resolve the situation on the street brought the National guard under.

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