In the US, the cyclist swerved under the wheels of the oncoming car (VIDEO)

В США велосипедист резко свернул под колеса встречной машины (ВИДЕО)

The YouTube generation willing to risk their lives for the sake of a viral video.

A new cadre of candidates for the Darwin Award was filmed in Philadelphia (USA).

As you can see, the guy in the green hoodie rides a bike on a strip of oncoming traffic and barely manages to evade the Acura TSX.

Then he does the same trick with the Ford Taurus, departing from the path of the car at the last second.

Despite the obvious lack of intelligence (or because of this), young youtuber does it again and again. At some point he makes the driver of the Jeep sharply to hit the brake pedal and stop.

When these unexpected maneuvers behind and seeing nothing drivers may not have time to react and crash into a stopped car. Or they will try to overtake, knocking the hapless stuntman.

In the video there are two police cars. The crew does not react to the antics of tubera, and the cops from the second car seems to react as it should, judging by the fact that after their appearance in the frame of video is stopped.