In the US the owners of the Motel were forced to remove the flag of Norway, because it resembled the Confederate flag

В США владельцев мотеля вынудили снять флаг Норвегии, потому что он напоминал флаг Конфедерации

In St. Johns (Michigan) protests against racism and colonialism forced the couple that owns the Motel Nordic Pineapple, remove the Norwegian national flag. This was on July 28 reported local TV station WILX.

Since purchasing the Motel in 2018 Greg and Kiersten of Officer hung out the flag of Norway next to us at the entrance to a mini-hotel arranged in Scandinavian style.

This summer, guests and casual travelers began to accuse Officerof in support of the Confederacy, whose flag colors reminiscent of Norwegian. The address of the owners began to receive threats by phone and e-mail.

First, the owners explained to people the difference between Norway and the Confederate States of America, but then decided to remove the Norwegian flag. There are fears that people will boycott the Motel, explained Kiersten of Officer.

After the murder of American in Minneapolis African American George Floyd around the world raised a wave of protests against racism. The protesters felled monuments to historical figures that had to do with slavery or racism.

Confederate States of America existed in the years 1861-1865, in this state consisted of 13 southern States who opposed the abolition of slavery. CSA was defeated in the civil war and was re-incorporated in the United States.