In the US, the Prosecutor refused to accuse Marilyn Manson of harassment – 24 Channel

В США прокуратура відмовилася звинувачувати Мериліна Менсона у домаганнях - 24 Канал

The office of Los Angeles refused to prosecute charges of sexual harassment against famous rocker Marilyn Manson.

This publication reports The Hollywood Reporter.

In February an American actress Charlene Yi, who starred in the cult TV series “Dr. house”, accused the famous rocker Marilyn Manson of sexual harassment and unacceptable behavior. 32-year-old actress said that the musician asked women about their preferences in sexual partners and certain poses.

However, the Prosecutor’s office stated that the case Manson was rejected through the apparent inconsistency in the testimony of the parties and the lack of evidence.

For the same reason, the Prosecutor’s office refused to consider the case of Hollywood Director and writer Murray Miller. In addition, closed case designer ASAP Bari.

By the way, in the United States is still considering the case against the controversial film producer Harvey Weinstein, who several women are accused of sexual harassment and rape.

Weinstein was detained on Friday, may 25th due to allegations of rape of one woman and forced another to perform oral sex. According to media reports, the arrest is probably connected to accusations of the actress Lucia Evans, who spoke about harassment Weinstein in an interview with the New York Times last fall.

July 9 in new York held a trial of Harvey Weinstein in the case, in which he accused the producer of raping a third woman, whose name is not known. During the trial, Harvey Weinsten once again refused to plead guilty to committing another sexual offence. The result of the hearing was issued by the judge’s decision to release Harvey’s bail at $ 1 million.

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