In the US there is a shortage of gold due to coronavirus

В США возник дефицит золота из-за коронавируса

Gold demand rose sharply in the USA in a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, in connection with what is currently in the country there is a shortage of gold bars and coins in the free market. About this newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

According to the publication, the dealers sold out all stocks of the precious metal and even started to close. Swiss Bank Credit Suisse, which pours gold bullion since 1856, this week called wanting to buy them not to bother him about it.

It is noted that due to the lack of gold, the bankers on wall street have appealed for help to the Royal canadian mint. His representative Amanda Bernier told the newspaper that the court faced at the moment, “with unprecedented levels of demand” for gold bullion. According to Bernier, Canada is unable to meet the increased demand, as part of its staff sent home for the prevention of disease caused by a novel coronavirus.

The gold reserves of the USA are in the military base Fort Knox in Kentucky and at the Federal reserve Bank of new York. As notes the edition, these reserves are not intended to be sold on the open market.

Often in case of lack of business people in the U.S. have added to gold reserves in London, where as of November 2019 was kept more than 8.2 thousand tons of gold worth $387,9 billion.

The largest share of gold reserves accounts at the Bank of England, which contains about 400 thousand gold bars owned by the UK government, Central and commercial banks of other States.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the gold was taken to new York parties in the vaults on passenger aircraft. Their volume did not exceed 5 tons. The limitation was due to the high cost of insurance in case of a crash. Due to the suspension of international passenger traffic in Peru and South Africa, the mining of precious metals is now not possible.