In the Verkhovna Rada stands for Darth Vader

В Верховную Раду баллотируется Дарт Вейдер

In Odessa, on the constituency No. 135 stands in people’s deputies of the Kyiv resident Darth Vader.

Соответствующаяинформацияразмещена on the website of the Central election Commission.

According to official figures, Darth Viktorovich Vader born October 4, 1987 in Kiev, Ukrainian citizen. During the last five years living on the territory of Ukraine, particularly in Kiev. Has a higher education. He is Director of “Dark side of the force”, member of the political party “BLOCK of Darth Vader”, has no criminal record. Nominated by the political party “BLOCK of Darth Vader”.

As noted, the CEC received the statement of the above political forces, together with other documents on registration of the candidate in people’s deputies of Ukraine Darth Vader nominated by 7 June 2019 at an extraordinary Congress of the party in single-mandate constituency № 135.

Having considered these documents, on 24 June, the Central election Commission has established their conformity with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine”.

As you know, в2015 year party “Block of Darth Vader” has put forward on elections in the Odessa city совет44 of Darth Vader and one of Master Yoda.

Meanwhile, it became known, ctacik completed the registration of candidates for MPs for early parliamentary elections.The final number of registered candidates in people’s deputies, the CEC has promised to unveil at a press briefing on June 26.

Previously we described how officials, public figures, businessmen and entertainers are preparing for parliamentary elections.

Vneocherednoy to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of IX convocation scheduled for July 21, 2019. According to a survey conducted by the news, “Today” on channel “Ukraine” jointly with the international company Edison Research, more than half of Ukrainians (55.2%) and will vote in future elections.

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