In the “Voice” said, for I never vote in Parliament

В "Голосе" ответили, за что никогда не проголосуют в Раде

The party “Voice” in the Parliament will never support bills that would increase Russian interest in Ukraine.

In an interview with channel 24 said the Deputy Chairman of the party “Voice” Yaroslav Yurchyshyn.

“We will never vote the way I and my political force for changing the status of the state language, or some kind of betrayal of Ukrainian interests. For example, the entry of peacekeepers were not from the Ukrainian border and on the demarcation line, thereby concentrating that part of the territory of Ukraine de facto is not under the effective control of the whole of Ukraine”, – said future Deputy.

According to him, any Pro-Russian initiatives are not possible for a vote. At the same time “the Voice” will not vote for decisions that contribute to the creation of a monopoly. As an example, he remembered scandalous “Rotterdam+” when the energy sector is controlled by one person actually.

They actually suck money from the pockets of Ukrainians and so do rich and wealthy people

– said yurchishin.

What is “Rotterdam+”?This scheme, which generates prices on the fuel component, namely coal for power generation in thermal power plants in Ukraine. The cost of fuel is determined by this formula: price of coal at the ports of Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp + cost of delivery to Ukraine.

The formula began to operate in may 2016 due to the fact that Ukraine has lost control of part of Donetsk coal basin. All because of the war in the Donbass. Because of Donbass coal is almost entirely under the control of the occupiers, the Ukrainian authorities to ensure the independence has decided to buy coal for the international exchange in the Netherlands, where it gets out of Africa and South America.

“We will support that promotes competition, but also weakens the defense of Ukraine because, if we talk about some free market principles, the country, which is in a state of aggression, as part of the territory, which was occupied, she should find effective methods of self-defense”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the party “the Voice.”

The full interview with Deputy Chairman of the party “Voice” Yaroslav Yurchishin – read here

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В "Голосе" ответили, за что никогда не проголосуют в Раде