In the woods of England found the mysterious stone circle

В лесу Англии найден загадочный каменный круг

Archaeologist John Hoyle found in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire in the UK previously unknown bronze age monument. According to the BBC, to find the mysterious circle has been using laser scanning of the terrain from the aircraft.

The find was made during the use of lidar for the analysis of the Forest of Dean. The method the researchers called for the use of laser beams to create a 3D description of the surface with the removal of trees in the landscape.

According to Hoyle, studying the terrain, he noted an unusual region in the form of a circle. At first he thought it could be an artillery position during the Second world war. But examining the area near the village of Tidenham the archeologist realized that he had discovered the building, which was built 1500-2000 years before our era.

The diameter of the circle is about 25 meters. It is a shaft of rubble a width of about five meters. In addition, it contains a minimum of 10 limestone rocks rise more than a meter. What exactly was used circle, is still unknown.

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