In the Zaporozhye bus driver fight with passenger (VIDEO)

В запорожской маршрутке водитель подрался с пассажиром (ВИДЕО)

About it in the popular social network Instagram announced witnesses of the conflict.

According to the author of the post, he rode in a minibus №74, which runs from Zaporozhye railway station “Zaporozhye -1” to the village “Zaporozhye-Left”. One of the passengers asked the driver to stop at an undisclosed location, and received a categorical refusal. The citizen started yelling, foul language and demand to stop in the middle of the roadway. During the conflict, the aggressive passenger knocked the glass in the taxi. After, the driver and the passenger continued showdown in the street, where between them there was a fight.

It is worth noting that witnessed the incident were tens of citizens, who simply stood by and filmed the fight on mobile phones, writes Together.