In the Zaporozhye children’s hospital has opened a salt room

В Запорожье в детской больнице открыли соляную комнату

In “the Zaporozhye city children’s hospital № 5” has built the salt room

Zaporozhye children began to visit the salt room. The office of halotherapy (salt room) earned in the Zaporozhye city children’s hospital № 5. To construct it, the hospital has received a grant from the competition “Public budget”. Was allocated 360 thousand UAH. The room had a repair made decorative lighting, purchased the necessary equipment.

Treatment with salt

In halotherapy do not use the medication. The main substance for the treatment of patients Sol. Doctors say, take it the smallest particle size of 1-5 microns. They easily penetrate into the body and have protivospalitionoe effects, improve immunity and protect the body.

Is not just a salt room. It’s not just the salt dispersion and ionization of the air. We use nanoparticles of salts, which has a beneficial effect on broncho-pulmonary system, cardiovascular system, skin, – says the Director of KNP “Zaporozhye municipal children’s hospital № 5” Andrey Zaporozhchenko. – In the complex of rehabilitation measures at today we are one of the first state children’s hospitals in Ukraine that has made such a room. Painted technique, painted indications for therapeutic measures.

– The health of our children should be a priority for our community. I think today all the Cossacks should be glad for our children, we opened the salt room. This is very important. Here, children allergies, children with diseases of the lungs and the bronchial system come and restore their health, – said the Deputy mayor Anatoliy Pustovarov.

Treatment with oxygen facial

In combination with a salt room at the hospital earned a juice bar. After the procedure, the children drink oxygen cocktails. Doctors say they enhance immunity and have a good influence on the child’s body. Cocktails are prepared with the help of a special apparatus MIT-designed for singlet-oxygen therapy.

– In a flask for cocktails we pour the herbal decoction, add the liquorice, and mix the obtained oxygen foam. This cocktail is useful for nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, and improve the overall health of children, – tells the head nurse, physio-therapeutic Department KNP “Zaporizhia city children’s hospital № 5″Lyudmila Dorofeeva.

As in a fairy tale

The salt room is already booked for the first patients. The room design is specially made so that children felt not in the hospital, and in a salt cave. While young patients undergo the procedure – the room sounds soothing music or nature sounds.

Doctors say that it helps children to be distracted, to forget that they are in the hospital, improves their mood and has beneficial effects on the nervous system. The children themselves say that in the salt room feel in the tale.

– I’m here for the first time. To me it is very interesting. Here all as in a fairy tale, you might think that there is a Santa Claus lives. Everything is illuminated beautifully. Turn on the music, the birds are singing. Salt almost does not smell, but still feel it. It became easier to breathe, – said the young patient, Pauline. – I also liked the cocktail. Then felt grass, and the cocktail of such an air.

A day in the salt room is a treatment of 25 children. The course of treatment is approximately 14 to 21 days, dependent on the recommendations of a physician.

Treatment in the salt room will be able to pass all children of Zaporozhye who are in need of restoration or prevention. Doctors recommend the procedure for cleansing and treatment of respiratory diseases, prevention and treatment of all types of allergies, skin diseases and others.

В Запорожье в детской больнице открыли соляную комнату

В Запорожье в детской больнице открыли соляную комнату

В Запорожье в детской больнице открыли соляную комнату

В Запорожье в детской больнице открыли соляную комнату

В Запорожье в детской больнице открыли соляную комнату

В Запорожье в детской больнице открыли соляную комнату