In the Zaporozhye region did not allow selling nearly a ton of nitrate of vegetables

В Запорожской области не допустили в продажу почти тонну нитратных овощей

In the Zaporozhye region was trying to sell vegetables with high nitrate content

Nearly 900 pounds of vegetables with excess nitrates are not allowed in the implementation of the city markets experts state Gospodarevskaya in the Zaporozhye region. Such data is recorded on the checking season. This applies mainly to early vegetables – radishes, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots.

As reported on the website of Gospodarevskaya, nitrates in high levels can cause poisoning, cardiovascular disease, and diseases of the nervous and digestive systems.

Experts advise to buy vegetables and fruits only in the official markets, where products are tested in the laboratory. In the spontaneous markets of sanitary control is absent. When buying vegetables or fruits in the city markets, require the seller to provide a conclusion of the laboratory, and in the store – documents that confirm the quality of the products.