In the Zaporozhye region sent to court a girl who recruited a minor to provide sex services

В Запорожье отправили под суд девушку, которая вербовала несовершеннолетних для оказания секс-услуг

A resident of Zaporozhye region now faces 12 years of imprisonment for trafficking in persons for providing sexual services.

About it reported in a press-service of Prosecutor’s office of Zaporozhye region, reports 061.

The Prosecutor’s office sent to court the indictment on the 24-year-old girl who made a living that was recruiting other girls for sexy operation in Turkey. She promised the girls “paid job”, food and accommodation by the employer, and in the case of the reluctance to “work”, they could return home.

So, using the vulnerable state and material dependence, a woman recruited underage 16-year-old girl, and when you try to export it to Turkey from Zaporozhye airport, she was detained by the police.

Today, the intruder is in custody. It is known that she is married and has two minor children. The case file is transferred to the court. Now she faces a sentence of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 12 years.