In the Zaporozhye region the patient with tuberculosis had forged documents to get a job in kindergarten

В Запорожской области больная туберкулезом подделала документы, чтобы устроится в детский сад

The media has gone information that one of the employees of the kindergarten №35 “cherry” of the city of Berdyansk were engaged with children, ill with active tuberculosis. To get a job, helped her with the nurse, faking a medical book.

During a routine medical examination in August 2018 at the instructress of physical training revealed an open form of tuberculosis that is dangerous to others. Immediately started to check the children and colleagues who had contact with the woman. Fortunately, new cases are detected.

Law enforcement took over the investigation of the situation, writes the Outpost. After all, in the institution it came with all the paperwork, where nothing was reported about tuberculosis. As we found out in 2017 medical receptionist self-supporting Department of the Berdyansk territorial medical Association has forged a “Personal medical record” patient. Open criminal proceedings according to article 2, article 358 of the criminal code of Ukraine, the materials of the case submitted to the court.

In kindergarten continue preventive measures, pupils and staff “Cherry” under the supervision of doctors.