In the Zaporozhye school children were forced to work as porters (VIDEO)

В запорожской школе детей заставили работать наравне с грузчиками (ВИДЕО)

This was the lesson of labour education adult taught pupils of school number 4, in the Shevchenko district of the city.

As it became known, in the school Windows were changed. The old frame it was decided to make by children 11 years of age. The students, several people were carried from the building 15-pound construction debris, says the Voice.

Social networks managed to make a joke about “labor education”. Someone, on the contrary, complains about child labour and says that this heavy matter should be dealt with the movers, not the juniors.

“For the first time see? We have in schools is rampant exploitation of child labor. Children paint, clean, build, drop, are of a severity and so on. And why? Their answer is very simple – there is no money from the school. And the Director utters these words in declarations 5 bedroom apartment and 3 villas. Not so bad, huh?”

There were opposing views:

“Actually, it has always been. When I was studying and we are digging a pit for the leaves. I do not see there not that bad.”

And judging by the brisk steps of the children themselves, they are not against once again to loose the lesson in this way.