In the Zhytomyr region created the Museum of bortnichestvo

На Житомирщине создали музей бортничества

In Korosten district of Zhytomyr region has the Museum of bortnichestvo.

“The arboretum “Victory”, the famous Ukrainian scientist Anatoly Potopalsky in S. Khodaky under the open sky started Museum bortnichestvo”, – stated in the message.

As the head of the Union of beekeepers of Korostensky “Honey Polesie” Vladimir Klimenko, the district and the region managed to collect 15 bortey, whose age exceeds 100 years. They contain bees and they are all still useable.

According to him, in the Park everyone will tell you how to revive beekeeping in Polesie.

Apiculture called the forest in the form of beekeeping, the history of which stretches back to the Kievan Rus. Providence has replaced removal of the honey of wild bees from their natural nests. Subsequently this began to build Board – wooden hives.

Apiculture is still engaged in Zhytomyr Polissya.