In Tomsk, scientists are investigating the substance for protection of brain tissue in stroke

Now the experiments are conducted on small rodents. Experts believe that in a few years may be the creation of the finished product.

В Томске учёные исследуют вещество для защиты тканей мозга при инсульте

In Tomsk, scientists are investigating the substance, which will form the basis of a new drug. It will serve to protect brain tissue in stroke.

Professionals, with their words, managed to create a very interesting compound. This is the substance, on the basis of which will create a new drug.

After application of this compound as in animals with experimental stroke significantly improved. It inspires great hope.

The new material has the ability to protect brain tissue from ischemic damage. They happen when the stroke blood circulation.

The announcement was made on the forum new solutions, taking place in Tomsk. The total number of participants is more than 3.5 thousand people.

They mainly discuss on the issues of digitalization, green technology and knowledge management.

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