In Transcarpathia border guards of three suspected cigarette smuggling

На Закарпатье трех пограничников подозревают в контрабанде сигарет

Border guards suspected of involvement in the movement of contraband cigarettes.

During a special operation in the Transcarpathian region detained three of the guards involved in the movement of contraband cigarettes. On Wednesday, February 27, the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

It is noted that the border guards at the border of the Department of Tyachiv, Mukachevo district helped to illegally carry cigarettes from Ukraine to Romania.

The interior Ministry said that an employee of the gpsu has agreed to assist in the transportation of contraband for 1 thousand dollars out of checkpoints.

Also detained two other guards who allegedly demanded the first $ 700 for non-disclosure of its activities.

During the RAID were raided. So, in the village of nyzhnya Apsha Tyachiv district was found and seized 2644 cartons of cigarettes without excise stamps.