In Turecka taxi driver was selling prostitutes to the soldiers of the APU

В Торецке таксист продавал проституток солдатам ВСУ

Fall and locals.

The court sentenced him to 4,6 years of imprisonment with a probation period of two years a taxi driver who worked in the Donetsk region Torect pimping.

According to the materials of the case, retired with the third group of disability, place ads on rendering of intimate services, to distribute it among soldiers, and then brought clients to recruited prostitutes. Those involved in the sex trade in one of the private saunas.

An hour of services each prostitute taxi driver-pimp was getting from 100 to 200 UAH, another hundred he got for the taxi driver.

Rumor has it, the end of clients pimp is not experienced. Of all the male sexual needs to satisfy the four ladies of easy virtue.