In Ukraine agreed on a new price for gas

В Украине согласовали новую цену на газ

Ukraine has agreed a new gas price, if you compare September from the previous month, the price of gas fell by 3.4% to 4493 per thousand cubic meters But, apart from this, in the month of October will be national tariffs, with a possible increase in gas prices stated in the “Naftogaz”.

In September, 2019 “Naftogaz” sells “blue” fuel to habitam, and the consumers get it for the price of 4 493,64 per thousand cubic metres, this does not include spending on transport and VAT not included. When you consider taxes for all payments, the Ukrainians will receive the price for gas in the amount of 5.5 – 6 UAH per 1 cubic meter. The Cabinet of Ministers planned to change the pricing and increase the amount of tariff to 10 UAH per cubic meter – tells FACENEWS

If you take an ordinary family which has a gas stove, and the family consists of three people, you will receive these fees: now the family will pay the new price – UAH 63,6 previously would have paid 84,6 UAH. If you take a family that lives in the house with an area of about 60 square meters and the house has gas heating: to be – 1728 UAH – informed would have paid UAH 2308 and it’s only heating. Considering water heating and gas stoves will – UAH 103,6, it would have been sooner 138,5 UAH.

In “Naftogaz” reported that next month rates may increase. Because at the end of the warm period of time and with the coming of cold, both in Ukraine and in the European market, there is a high demand for gas. The representative of the company recalls, at the current price of gas you can buy up to 25 September 2019. But, these rates apply to people who pay for gas not subsidies, and yourself.

Winter gas can rise from 10 to 15%. According to Maxim Parkhomenko, an analyst, the price of gas will rise to 10%, the cause of this price rise is to reduce the cost of the hryvnia.

The national Bank of Ukraine says that gas prices will rise by the beginning of winter. So the report says that the third quarter of 2019, the year will be with a stable gas prices, but at the end of this period, the tariffs will gradually increase. The tariff increase will be 15%.