In Ukraine, began to calculate illegal entrants from ORDO

В Украине стали вычислять незаконно въехавших из ОРДО

The so-called Ministry of emergency situations DND reported Quasibrittle your information yesterday on the corridor Novotroitsk – Elenovka. In ORDO skipped 147 people and 12 cars. Free territory – 170 people and 27 auto.

Given the fact that the occupants open the checkpoint Yelenovka only twice a week, and to quarantine the traffic across the line of demarcation in ORDO averaged 26 thousand people per day, now many local residents face great challenges. In particular, many go to the free territory via Russia.

Thus for bribes at the border, many avoid installation on smartphones program “Diya”. However, in Ukraine they found the police – see screenshot. Explains The Road:

“What is there to understand? On border basis was held, and “Dios” is not included. Collate database and “Dios” and found ropelewski. Wang, that will have to linger on the court and on 17 thousand fine. MIA needs the money, that will replenish at the expense of nitrovideo”.

I hope also that the security forces will pay attention to border guards, it is unlikely gratuitously letting in people without installation of the appropriate app.

В Украине стали вычислять незаконно въехавших из ОРДО