In Ukraine, began trading in exchange-traded shares of Apple

В Украине началась торговля биржевыми акциями Apple

Since July 30, the PFTS stock exchange included the shares of Apple in exchange list.

From July 30 on the “Ukrainian exchange” has started the sale of shares of the American company Apple made the first transaction. Shares can be traded on the PFTS. It is reported by the Financial club.

On July 29, shares of Apple Inc. was included in an exchange list site (category – unilaterale securities) under the Ticker symbol AAPL.

Playground announced that the 30 of July at 12:25 was made the first deal on 95 shares at a price 5792 UAH/PCs. This is equivalent to $231, depending on the value of the dollar on the interbank market (25,05 UAH/$), whereas in the us market yesterday, AAPL was worth $209,68 per share. The amount of the transaction amounted to 550,24 thousand UAH.

In addition, on July 30, the PFTS stock exchange included the shares of Apple in exchange list. Initially it was announced that the price of shares in Ukraine is higher than in USA, because of the Commission of the broker.

It is noted that the Ukrainian broker securities “BPS Broker” in February of 2019 brought to Ukraine the first batch of Apple shares. He received permission of the National Commission on securities and stock market (NCSSM) on admission of the company’s shares to trading on the Ukrainian stock market.

Parallel to this, the shares were credited to the account of the National Depository of Ukraine in the international Depository Clearstream. In March 2019, the securities Commission approved admission of Treasury notes of the US government and Apple’s stock to trading on the territory of Ukraine.

“The opportunity for citizens to buy securities of non-residents exists today. But if you want to make it in the smartphone app, giving an indication of your Bank with one click, up to that functionality we got a long way to go. To come to buy through one simple act required enormous investments. And all of us still have to work: and NSSMC and NBU, and the Ministry of Finance and the Cabinet,” said the Head of the securities Commission Timur Limp in an interview with the Financial club.

Starter package price – 532,1 million. On the website of the exchange clarifies that the sale shares have been recovered.