In Ukraine can run trains and planes before – CRICKLEY

В Украине могут запустить поезда и самолеты раньше, - КРИКЛИЙ

In Ukraine railway passenger transport plan to run until 1 June, and domestic flights until 15 June.

This was reported in “Snidanok 1+1” with reference to the Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Cricle.

Crickley said that the trains will start earlier this week, but the exact date is still unknown. First go commuter trains, then long-distance trains: high speed trains and night trains. They will run primarily on the South. Also trains going abroad. In areas where the epidemic situation is not permitting the traffic, the train will pass “transit”.

This Wednesday or Thursday the sale will be train tickets. Because of the quarantine, the price of the train will not raise, but they will rise for the summer, as always (June-August travel by rail is carried out with a high rate plus 7%). At the time of planting in the car will be temperature screened. Without a mask in the train will not be allowed.

I don’t think that all the masks will sleep. At least when we travel in suburban trains, will comply with mask mode. What up coupe and a reserved seat, there penaliziruetsya solutions to family will are settled and there are no restrictions. If not family, then possibly with some additional restrictions. Now this decision should finansirovatsia, “said Crickley.

Air connections between cities, where there is threatening situation with the disease coronavirus, plan to open earlier than announced. That is, before June 15.