In Ukraine cheaper chicken, eggs and pasta

В Украине подешевели курятина, яйца и макароны

For a month in Ukraine the prices for chicken carcasses fell 1.9%. This is evidenced by Statistics, reports

So, in January 2020 1 kg of chicken carcasses were worth on average 58.2 per UAH, while in December 2019 – 59,3 UAH.

In addition, prices fell for chicken by 1.3% to UAH 100,4 per kg.

Pork also fell by 1% to 117,9 UAH per kg. But the beef has risen in price on 1,5%, to 134,8 UAH per kg.

In October also fell in price, eggs – by 1.9% to 20.6 UAH per dozen. Fell as pasta (from soft wheat) – 1.1% to 18.09 UAH per kg.

At the same time, rose soft cheeses fat – by 1.04% to 106.8 UAH per kg, groats buckwheat – by 2.1% to 27.7 UAH per kg.

So, chicken remains the cheapest meat in Ukraine.

We will remind, in Ukraine chicken meat is cheaper than in Poland, Hungary and Spain.

Last year Ukraine finished in the TOP-leaders in the supply of poultry meat (mainly chicken) in the European Union. The permanent leader in this field – the company “MHP” Yuri Kosyuk, which provides 90% of Ukrainian exports of chicken meat abroad.