In Ukraine closed the criminal case against Russian businessmen

В Украине закрыли уголовное дело против российских бизнесменов

The interior Ministry of Ukraine closed the criminal case against businessmen and shareholders of the insurance company “RESO-Garantia” Sergey and Nikolai Sarkisov for lack of evidence. This is reported by “Vedomosti”.

MIA of Ukraine was declared wanted by Sarkisov in December 2018: brothers took place under part 4 of article 190 of the criminal code of Ukraine (fraud committed in especially large sizes or organized group). Then no details about the circumstances of the case against businessmen, Ukrainian law enforcers were not given.

In the decision of the main investigation Department of MIA of Ukraine of 1 July about the termination of the case reveals the essence of the charges. In 2008, the Sarkisov brothers bought a 33% stake in the insurer “ukrinmedstrakh” for $17.5 million from the “Investment advice”, which was owned by Leo Hliavich. Sarkisov, says the investigation concluded with Hlavice three agreements: on purchase and sale, personal guarantees for the implementation of the terms of the agreement, the commitment regarding their implementation and on the transfer of the Deposit of 10% of the company “prosto-insurance” in the form of the contract of sale. Hliavich accused Sarkisov, they broke the pledge agreement and transferred 10% “Prosto-insurance” company “RESO-inter”.

The most important thing in the Telegram

The investigation doubted that Sarkisov had signed an agreement on personal guarantees and the pledge agreement shares “Prosto-insurance”, and that all such documents were: Hliavich stated that the originals were stolen from his car.

The court acquitted the mayor of Odessa, Trukhanov

Original documents, but there is doubt about their existence, so that Sarkisov was accused of fraud is premature, without sufficient evidence and complete the investigation, recognizes the consequence: criminal proceedings against Nikolai and Sergei Sarkisov closed.

According to Ukrainian media, during the last years Leo Hliavich was very influential Ukrainian businessman. He is now the co-owner of a private medical clinic “Boris” in Kiev, he is also credited with creating in the Crimea of the clinic MEDISSA.