In Ukraine count domestic and wild animals

В Украине пересчитают домашних и диких животных

In Ukraine can conduct a “census” of domestic and wild animals. Also developed the project of the special registry. While created registries only farm animals, excluding those that are in households.

In total in Ukraine, according to Gospodarevskaya, stoat 3.8 million farm animals, according to UNN.

Soon, however, Ukraine can earn a Register of domestic and wild animals. The bill was on the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

If the bill will support Rada – Ukraine will be considered and microchipping of domestic and wild animals.

The procedure of chipping is not new, say in the service. “Abroad developed and used procedures for the identification of different animals with the help of the microchip. For dogs and cats provides for the introduction of the microchip subcutaneously between the shoulder blades (in the midline near the withers), horses on the left side of the neck,” the message reads. Small and large animals identificeret different chips.

Bill No. 9022 MPs want to oblige the owners of Pets and wildlife to issue a veterinary passport. To identify and register the animals will be a special institution – the administrator of the Unified state register of animals.

It is expected that after the adoption of the bill will create the Uniform state registry of animals. Each animal identified will assign a unique number under which it will be in the database. Owners of registered animals will be able to obtain an extract from the register free of charge.