In Ukraine, created a unique farm

В Украине создана уникальная ферма

In the village of Peremyl ‘ works first snail farm in Gorokhovskiy district. This was reported on the website Gorokhovskiy rayon state administration of Volyn region.

Founded the company Svetlana Nikolaiko, the head of the farm, her son Alexander nikolayko.

This year on a unique farm in Gorokhovskiy district began to grow snails. These molluscs are the most high protein diet product, which abroad is in great demand.

For growing snails require special conditions. In may, the clams are planted in a special tray where they grow for four months.

In order to grow healthy, shellfish, a special grass. Snails live on the shields that protect them from the scorching rays of the sun. Shellfish active the whole night and day?? they usually rest.

After the snails will gather them washed, properly dried and stored in refrigerators. There they sleep. In the spring the snails Wake up and spawn.

“News” wrote that this year’s first crop of bananas harvested in Chornoliska forestry Znamensky district. In the meantime, in Ukraine critically decreased the number of cattle. According to VFA, the number of cows in industrial dairy sector since the beginning of 2019 has decreased by almost 6%.