In Ukraine earned rent Segways Kiwi: the list of cities and rates

New Kiwi service providing automated rental of Segways, became available in Ukraine. Unlike bikes, Segways will not attach to specific places. So they can just leave at any point in the city centre, as long as they do not interfere with passers-by and cars.

Where service is available

Since the beginning of March Kiwi earned in Odessa. And soon rent Segways will be available in Kiev. With regard to other Ukrainian cities, that’s a fine list, the company said.

How does the Kiwi

In order to start using the service, you need to download the app in the app store:

  • App Store (iOS)
  • Google Play (Android).

Then in the application you need to register. The user must specify the mobile number that will receive the verification code. Also, the user must Fund your account to take the scooter to rent.

You can then start looking for a scooter nearby. The location of the free Segways can be seen on the map. To unlock the selected scooter, you need to scan the QR code on the steering wheel.

To begin the movement, you need to remove the footrest, push and pull the lever on the right handlebar of the scooter. After the trip the user should note in the application that you are finished your trip and take a picture of the scooter.


Unlocking the electric skateboard is 10 hryvnia. After that the account will be written off in 3 hryvnia for each minute of use.

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