In Ukraine, exponentially multiplying the scammers

В Украине в геометрической прогрессии множатся аферисты

In Ukraine, according to official data last year the victims of cybercriminals are 6 thousand people. The attackers send an SMS with information about non-existent prizes, stealing phone numbers and “clean” Bank account.

OBOZREVATEL figured out how the scammers are operating in networks and what that means to the victims of the schemes.

Under the gun each: what I know about you on the Internet

Passport data, phone number, email address and account password – all the information about almost any can buy online in just a couple of dollars. Just a few weeks ago, the Ukrainian cyber-police detained a group of hackers quietly broke into the databases of social networks, large stores with the sole purpose to steal personal data.

Information sold in the Darknet. Such hacking groups dozens. Moreover, even without their services the scammers can easily get the information they need. Employees of banks, post offices for the “award” ready “secret” to share personal customer data. To pay for this service in the same Darknet.

Registered in the social network, putting your phone number with the card paid to online shop for purchase or mail sent documents for processing travel vouchers and you’re already at risk.

For a small amount of the special companies are willing to pick up, for example, has prepared a database with mobile phone numbers. For example, collect only phones seniors or students. Of course, the services provide for shares and finding your target audience companies, but this information can get to anyone.

Social networks, participation in various surveys and so on determine not only the age and gender, but even gender activities possible victims.

By itself, the information is only a tool for further work scams. Conventionally, the scheme can be divided into two large groups.

First scammers themselves find accommodation. For example, browsing data OLX, websites ads. Most of these thieves work individually with each client and are limited to the replenishment of the mobile numbers in the terminals. If you make a certain amount of money, and telephone number, the device ago do not return the money, even if you do not confirm the information. That’s what they use.

Second – work on the flow. In this case you need to get a database of phone numbers and to create a newsletter. The top 3 most popular divorce: Texts about the prize, the message from the Bank or the seller “air”, says the Deputy Director of “EMA” Olesya Danilchenko. According to her, the opportunity to buy accommodation packages has led to the fact that the number of victims is growing day by day. “The banking community needs to work more closely with mobile operators”, – said Danilchenko.

According to Police, last year victims of scams were about 6 thousand Ukrainians. But remember that it is only those who has addressed in law enforcement bodies.

The NBU explained: the most common fraudulent transactions carried out on the Internet, cyber criminals are included in the trust and are trying to steal from their victims information that will allow you to withdraw funds from a Bank card or to pay. As you know, it is enough to know the card number, CVV code (three digits on the back), expiration date and password to confirm the operation comes to SMS.

They steal phone numbers

“If we put the average amount of fraudulent transactions carried out by social engineering, without swapping SIM cards and a custom replacement SIM card, we can see that the average sum of operations after the fraud had replaced the SIM card, and much more – 3,62 thousand UAH, whereas without the replacement of SIM-card – of 2.34 thousand UAH”, – said Danilchenko.

“The average sum of operations after the fraud had replaced the SIM card, and much more” – Danilchenko.

To steal someone else’s phone number, just in a few weeks from different numbers to call the victim. For example, the operator proposes to restore your phone number even without visits the company shop. For this you need to purchase a new package, call the operator and to answer ONE of the following: codeword, PUK, or two rooms, which are often called in the last 30 days. After that the room will be restored in online mode.

After receiving a strange phone number, the scammer can easily hack into social network, confirm the credit card transaction, etc. However, it is worth noting that you use cell phones on contract and not prepaid, to restore the accommodation will have to visit the store and show documents. So for criminals, the theft of this room is complicated.

An expert in the field of cybersecurity Maxi Occun advises not to fall for the bait swindlers, it is necessary to have a separate “financial room”. To it is attached a Bank card and accounts in the most important social networks. For example, if you are actively developing your Instagram, to “financial room” you can also attach this account.

The “regular” phone number you can give colleagues, friends and clients. If you use a single number, it is possible that at some point you’ll call the scammers.

Also a separate card to use for online payments. To top it off only the amount you intend to spend. In this case, even if crooks manage to steal the data, to get your money they will not work.