In Ukraine for the first time the coach came to a meeting of the disciplinary Committee, and he should be suspended – 24 Channel

В Україні тренер уперше прийшов на засідання дисциплінарного комітету, а його дискваліфікували - 24 Канал

The control and disciplinary Committee of FFU decided to disqualify the coach of FC “Olympic” Vyacheslav Shevchuk.

The decision as to the coach of Olympique de Marseille was made pretty quickly. The coach will miss one match. This will be the final in 2018, the year the meeting with Desna, according to “Football 1”.

Shevchuk believed that it was possible to do without such punishment, because, according to him, he did not insult the referee. However Vyacheslav has noted that the suspension could be tighter.

As the channel “Football”, Shevchuk was the first coach who was personally present at the meeting of the disciplinary Committee.

Recall that the Pitmen’s head coach was removed by the arbitrator in the previous round, in the match with “Shakhtar”. His punishment Shevchuk received for arguing with the referee and the incident with the coaching staff of Shakhtar.

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