In Ukraine for the year “zero” created the 83 plants.

В Украине за год "с нуля" создали 83 завода, - Порошенко

Over the past year in Ukraine was opened 83 new plant with the support of investors, and over 4 years built 238 enterprises. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said at a meeting of the National investment Council, which was held in the framework of the world economic forum in Davos.

The head of state emphasized that Ukraine carried out reforms that increased investment and growing confidence in the country. He recalled that signed a free trade Agreement with Canada, and a few days ago – a free trade Agreement with Israel.

“We believe in an open world. We believe in the need to remove barriers in international trade. We believe in the importance of improving the investment climate in Ukraine”, – said Poroshenko and he reminded that Ukraine has risen by 5 steps in the Doing business rating. Separately, the President stressed that Ukraine fulfills the memoranda with the IMF.

“We’re the only government that has fulfilled 6 memorandums on cooperation with international financial organizations. That never happened in Ukraine. Why? Because we keep our word. We are very strong in reforms and reforms yield important results,” – said the head of state.

Petro Poroshenko noted that he had been able to ensure economic growth at 3.4%, inflation below 10% compared to 45% in 2015, the budget deficit less than 2%.

“During the war we have the numbers of a healthy economy. Thanks to you. Thanks to your trust… In 2014 was difficult. Not only for me as President of the country at war. But it is difficult for you, because for President Chakrabarti (President of the European Bank for reconstruction and development Suma Chakrabarti – ed.) found it hard to believe Ukraine investment and leave the position open. Find it difficult to Lakshmi Mittal (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company “ArcelorMittal” – ed.) to make an important decision regarding the investment of a billion dollars to improve technology, to improve the environment,” – said Petro Poroshenko.

В Украине за год "с нуля" создали 83 завода, - Порошенко