In Ukraine from 1 November to introduce new rules for the refund of taxes

В Украине с 1 ноября вводят новые правила возврата налогов

From November 1, 2019 into effect the provisions of the order of Ministry under the new arrangement, the return to taxpayers erroneously and/or excessively paid amounts of monetary obligations and interest. About it reported in a press-service GNS.

For maximum ease of processing of taxpayers in the refund process and prevent errors, SI GNS g.. Kiev encourages taxpayers to file declarations in electronic form using means of information and telecommunication systems (through the electronic office of the taxpayer).

The application must contain:

Short and to the point Telegram

– tax number or series (if any) and passport number (for individuals who because of their religious beliefs refuse adoption of registration number of accounting card of the taxpayer and officially notifies the appropriate regulatory body and have a stamp in the passport);

– the name or the surname, name, patronymic (for physical persons);

– the name mistakenly and/or overpaid tax, fee, payment;

– the amount erroneously and/or overpaid tax, fee, payment;

the date of payment and details of the payment document for which the money was transferred to the budget (classification of budget revenues, the budget account to which transferred funds enterprise code of the territorial authority of the Treasury, in whose name the account is opened, and the MFI of the Treasury)

the direction listed erroneously and/or overpaid funds that are returned: the current account of the taxpayer in establishing the Bank; the repayment of monetary obligations and/or tax debt on other payments, control of which collection is assigned to tax authorities, regardless of the budget; in the form of cash funds by check in the absence of the taxpayer’s Bank account.

In addition to the statement, the payer may file a copy of the payment document for execution which erroneously and/or overpaid payment transferred to the budget.