In Ukraine increased pensions: lucky?

В Украине выросли пенсии: кому повезло?

In the recent period in Ukraine increased pension payments. So, experts of the National Council for economic development analyzed the growth of pensions over the past three months.

It is reported that in early October the average pension amounted to UAH 3020, and last quarter it was 3006 UAH.

From July 1 to October 1 of the current year, the average size increased by 0.5%:

  • disability pension – on 1 October this year – 2450 UAH. On July 1, the average pension was UAH 2402. Growth of average pension took place on the 2%;
  • pension in connection with loss of breadwinner – at the beginning of October she was 2687 UAH. At the end of the first half it was equal to UAH 2661;
  • lifetime allowance of the judges at the end of the third quarter, the average pension is 45 578 UAH. And at the end of the second quarter, it was 45 305 UAH. The average rose 0.6%;
  • pension for years of service – as of October 1, it was 2785 UAH. Since July of this year – 2773 UAH, which the Pension Fund paid 225 776 persons;
  • soldiers pension in October amounted to UAH 4843. In July, the average payment was UAH 4827. The growth average for the first semester was only 0.3 percent;
  • old-age pensions – 01.10.2019 g – 3016 UAH 8 588 595 retirees. 01. 07. 2019 – 3009 UAH. The average size increased by 0.2%.