In Ukraine is not allowed another four journalists of Russia – 24 Channel

В Україну не пустили ще чотирьох журналісток з Росії - 24 Канал

The guards were not allowed on the territory of Ukraine the Russian journalist-Rosslau Anastasia Drozdova and three of her colleagues.

This very Drozdov said in his Facebook.

We fought day. Until the very last minute. My one and a half days without sleep, just like in the movie “the Terminal”. But entry to Ukraine I still refused,
– she wrote.

It is known that Drozdov is a journalist network of investigative journalists SCOOP.

In addition to her in Ukraine also did not let the journalist of the edition “Old Russia” Elena Nikolaeva, Yulia Nikitina from the publication “Fontanka”, and Elena Vladyko — journalist of the Russian newspaper “My district”, says “Gromadske” with reference to own sources.

All the journalist tried to enter Ukraine is through the Boryspil airport near Kiev.

We will remind, on the eve of Ukraine did not let the two Russian journalists – chief editor of the Russian edition of “Such things” Anastasia Lothario and the correspondent of TV channel “Rain” Eugene Sonno. The reason the two women were not able to confirm the purpose of his visit.

In addition, 30 November Ukraine has banned the entry into its territory of male citizens of Russia aged 16 to 60 years with few exceptions. the ban will last for the duration of martial law. However, for citizens of Ukraine, which are sent from the territory of the Russian Federation, there are no restrictions of crossing the border and travel to Ukraine.

Why Ukraine has banned the entry of male citizens of Russia?The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko explained that such a step the government agreed “that Russia is not formed in Ukraine, groups of “private” armies, which are actually members of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. Not to allow Russians to carry out in Ukraine the operations they have planned in 2014.”


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