In Ukraine launch an automated system of personnel management in the civil service – Nemchinov

В Украине запускают автоматизированную систему управления персоналом на госслужбе - Немчинов

In Ukraine, introduce a management information system human resources and payroll in government, HRMIS.

This was announced by the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleg Nemchinov in Facebook.

“Today a meeting was held to discuss the status of implementation of information system of human resources management and payroll in government, HRMIS. We have set an ambitious and challenging task is to complete and implement this information system,” said Nemchinov.

BH added that in Ukraine is limited data on the public service, in addition to data on the total number of civil servants.

“Also, not all state authorities have their own information system for personnel management. Sets the data stored in such systems are unsuitable for comparison and not to provide analysis of the system of human resources management in state authorities”, – said the Minister.

Nemchinov drew attention that, in accordance with the strategy of public administration reform of Ukraine for the period up to 2021, approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 24 June 2016 No. 474-R, one of the priorities of public service reform is the creation of an integrated information system of human resources management and payroll in the civil service HRMIS. The specified priority with the support of the International Bank for reconstruction and development.

The target groups of the HRMIS are: heads of bodies of Central Executive power; management services staff; public employees; the public.

Nemchinov said that the implementation of HRMIS should ensure the following: operational processing and analysis of information in the sphere of civil service; formation of the information resource management staff; fees and wages in the state bodies; monitoring of public service; control of expenses of the state budget; free access of citizens to public service; quality human resource management.

“To ensure the protection of information in the HRMIS within the framework of a contract, its implementation, provides the construction and establishment of a comprehensive system of protection of information (CSPI). Now completed the preparatory work on the creation of CSIS. Adopted the necessary orders for the commencement of the preliminary tests and the trial operation of CSIS. The results of these tests and making appropriate decisions, at the end of August is expected to obtain a positive conclusion of CSIS “, – the Minister added.

He also said that in the future it is necessary to obtain a positive conclusion of the CSIS and begin commercial operation of the HRMIS; complete the training of management services staff and, if necessary, to ensure the process of migrating data from existing systems in HRMIS; to develop a legal framework for work in HRMIS; to develop and implement a system of technical support; to begin the setup process and interaction with state registries.