In Ukraine may introduce a curfew: what it is and how to do in the world

В Украине могут ввести комендантский час: что это и как делают в мире

In Ukraine are going to strengthen quarantine measures to softer to enter the peak stage of the spread of coronavirus. In particular, we want to impose a curfew.

OBOZREVATEL explains what it is, how it will work and why until you can’t restrict the movement of Ukrainians.

What is the curfew

A curfew is a prohibition on being on the street at certain times of the day. Most often it is administered in the evening and at night, for example, from 22:00 to 6:00. The time is set in each country (or region) are individually, but usually it is within these limits.

As said in OBOZREVATEL press-service of the Ministry of health, accurate time will soon become known – will be published the corresponding decree.

As it is likely to work:

People should stay at home.

Order and adherence to the curfew will be watched by militiamen.

Violation of curfew is likely to be punished. This is unlikely to be an arrest rather fine. At least for the first violation.

Restrictions do not affect employees of services providing activity of the city, doctors and so on.

What are the penalties for violating the curfew

By the way, the punishment can be very severe. For example, in Saudi Arabia for violation of the curfew could face a fine of 10 thousand riyals (about 2,6 thousand dollars). Most likely, in Ukraine will be subject to the same penalties as for breach of other quarantine measures, from 17 to 34 thousand hryvnia. Now we are punished so:

The first violation of a fine of 17 thousand UAH.

Second violation – a fine of 34 thousand hryvnia.

Third violation – criminal liability.

OBOZREVATEL encourages everyone to adhere to isolation and not to go outside unless absolutely necessary.

What the lawyers say

Lawyer Dmitry Gorevoy says that because Ukraine has a state of emergency, to restrict the movement of citizens illegally.

“First, we have not introduced a state of emergency. We have emergency (emergency. – Ed.), and restrictions of movement of citizens is now illegal. If introduced state of emergency, then it would be possible to apply the curfew”, – he stressed.

If, according to Garliage, Ukraine will introduce a state of emergency and “will apply penalties, they will be specified in the same decree of Cabinet of Ministers, and for other violations” (from 17 000 to 34 000 UAH. – Ed.).

“And the penalties are the same. If they want a separate article to do it, then amend the law and impose new consequences for violation”, – summed up the lawyer.

As there is a curfew in the world

Curfews already imposed in Spain, Georgia, Serbia, Thailand, Cyprus, in nice, France, and even on Easter island. It is noteworthy that in these countries there is a regime of emergency.

The people of Serbia, for example, forbidden to leave home from 13:00 Saturday to 03:00 Monday. The exception is retirees. They will visit grocery stores on a Sunday from 04:00 until 07:00 in the morning. Earlier, a curfew operated in Serbia during the weekdays from 17:00 to 05:00 and on weekends from 15:00 to 05:00. It is also forbidden to assemble in groups of more than two people. Dog owners made concessions – they were allowed to walk their Pets within a radius of 100 m from the house from 23:00 to 01:00.

In Thailand, a curfew was imposed on 3 April, it will operate from 22:00 until 04:00. Measures do not apply to health care workers, for those who work the night shift, involved in the transport of food products and fuel, packages, delivers citizens to places of quarantine, as well as those who need to get to the airport. For breaking the rules faces a fine and a prison term up to two years.

Cyprus curfew imposed from 18:00 to 06:00 am. There already are draconian measures to get out of the house more than once in a day, received SMS from the authorities. Violators who do not have such SMS, Tuesday, a fine of 300 euros. In cars you can ride a maximum of three, including the driver.

In Georgia imposed a curfew from 21:00 to 06:00 – forbidden to travel both on foot and by car. At the entrances to major cities established checkpoints. The medical staff measures the temperature of the drivers and passengers. Representatives of the Ministry of interior and the Ministry of defense ensure that the car was no more than three people.

For violation of quarantine in Australia is the most densely populated state of New South Wales – threatened fines of up to 11 thousand Australian dollars (7 million USD).

These measures are necessary not in order to restrict someone’s freedom, and for the safety of citizens. Unfortunately, not all people are conscious of and adhere to isolation. To stop the spread of the disease, it is necessary to go to such measures. With all this, according to the chief sanvracha Victor Lyashko, Ukraine was only waiting for the peak number of cases. So you need to carefully prepare and minimize risks.

В Украине могут ввести комендантский час: что это и как делают в мире

В Украине могут ввести комендантский час: что это и как делают в мире

В Украине могут ввести комендантский час: что это и как делают в мире