In Ukraine, may prohibit the sale of chips: the doctors called the cause of – 24 Channel

В Україні можуть заборонити продаж чіпсів: медики назвали причину - 24 Канал

The Verkhovna Rada propose to start discussion of the ban on the sale of snacks, particularly chips, for children up to 16 years. As chips can harm the health and the need to impose restrictions, read on.

According to the therapist, candidate of medical Sciences, senior researcher of the laboratory of food hygiene and food safety of the National research center for radiation medicine of NAMS of Ukraine Oleksandr Lutsenko, selling snacks definitely you want to prevent the “Browser”.

These products contain large amounts of TRANS fats, flavor enhancers and do not contain any useful nutrients. Snacks have a sharp taste and smell, stimulates the digestive system to produce large amounts of digestive juices. Getting into our bodies, these products irritate the mucous membranes of the entire gastrointestinal tract,
he said.

Consumption of snacks and chips threatens the development of various diseases, in particular gastritis complications, pancreatitis, colitis and the like. A toxic effect of flavor enhancers on the entire body can manifest different mutations, cancer, development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


Snacks affect both the physical and the emotional development of the child, which is manifested by the occurrence of many diseases at an earlier age.

Doctor-gastroenterologist Marat Snature added that during frying of potato at temperatures above 100 degrees, the product loses all the valuable substances. In addition, there is still added flavorings, dyes, preservatives, etc.

For the high starch content, potato chips are high in calories – 100 grams contains about 500 calories, which is almost half the daily value of the child. Therefore, these snacks contribute to obesity. Salt disrupts mineral metabolism and could increase the pressure, and the dyes and fragrances can cause allergies,
– said the gastroenterologist.

And in the process of cooking is formed carcinogen acrylamide. And fats contribute to high cholesterol in the body and increase the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.


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